From Design to Installation

At Artone, all our hospitality furniture is custom made to fit the needs and design styles of each individual customer. We work very closely with the project's designers, procurement companies, general contractors, and owners to ensure a successful outcome.

Our method of hotel furniture design and construction (coupled with superior in-house quality control) has surpassed the expectations of many of our large corporate customers.

You can find our custom hospitality furniture in hotel guestrooms, suites and villas across the country.

Boutique & theme hotel

Stylish, design-driven hospitality furniture achieves a specific theme while offering upscale accommodations.

Designs are often influenced by region, arts, music and cultural trends.

These furniture designs are made to fit their urban settings, countrysides, mountains, and coastal regions across the US.

Casino & Resort

Casinos and resorts are popular destinations for vacation or recreation. That means they require matching upscale furniture.

These designs create a one-of-a-kind environment for each casino or resort.


As an approved vendor for Wyndham, Artone has had the opportunity to work on hundreds of these franchise hotel projects across the country.


We work closely with our customers on their franchise hotel projects. We are an approved vendor for multiple franchises, and produce high quality furniture at economical prices for multiple locations.


hospitality designs

Our custom engineered hospitality furniture designs are at the forefront of hotel technology trends, hospitality interior design, and industry trends.


Hospitality Trade shows

Find us at industry trade shows!

We've made two appearances at BDNY, and we're proud to say we've been named a finalist in the Best of BDNY Product Design Competition both times for expertly crafting innovative, functional, and aesthetic appeal.

Other ProjectS & Industries

Artone’s core focus is on the hospitality furniture market.

However, we have been given the opportunity to work with other talented professionals across the healthcare, store fixture and commercial furnishings markets.

You could be one of them!