Hotel FF&E Installation Services

The last leg of any hotel casegoods project is getting the FF&E (fixtures, furniture & equipment) to its final destination. 

And no, we’re not talking about dropping a shipment off in a staging area. 

Every item in a hotel casegoods order has a specific place in your facility. Installation should include the same level of care and consideration as design and manufacturing did.

Who better than those who made your casegoods? 

Working with a hospitality furniture vendor that also has installation capabilities eliminates unnecessary headaches and protects your investment. 

Installing Your Artone Hotel Casegoods  

While we do not handle hotel FF&E installation, our sister company — CFI of New York — does.  

A full-service hotel FF&E installation company, CFI shares our values for careful and efficient handling of orders.

A member of the Artone family, CFI is involved in the conversations about your order from the very beginning. 

Learn more about CFI of New York and its precision hotel furniture installation:

Why Your Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Should be Your Installer 

Put simply, working with a furniture manufacturer that also acts as a hotel FF&E installer makes the most sense. By consolidating the manufacturing and installation of your casegoods to a single entity, your project becomes much simpler: 

  1. Easier coordination
  2. Minimized damage risk
  3. Efficient installation

1. Easier Coordination 

With a single company handling your casegoods from conceptualization to installation, there’s almost no room for anything to be lost in translation. From start to finish, communication and efforts are streamlined — you won’t need to be the middleman between vendors and service providers, or juggle competing schedules. 

When your casegoods are ready to make their way from the shop floor to your door, you’ll only need to make one phone call to handle the arrangements. What’s more, your project schedule is understood from the very beginning and built into your project’s timeline. 

2. Minimized Damage Risk

Each time a new entity becomes involved with your hotel FF&E order, there’s an increased chance for damage. 

With your hospitality casegoods manufacturer being the same as your installer, you eliminate extra points of contact with your order. Those who made your hotel furniture, packed it, delivered it, and are installing it are one and the same. There’s no confusion about how your order should be handled or put together. 

3. Efficient Installation 

Aside from you, no one knows your hotel furniture order better than the people who made it. The same should go for the installation site. 

As part of your project, your hotel casegoods manufacturer should complete a site visit long before your order is made. By touring your facility, your manufacturer can factor in any potential impediments to getting your casegoods where they need to be, such as

  • Elevators
  • Doorway and hall dimensions 
  • Stairs
  • Utility placement

With your manufacturer also setting up your casegoods, assembly and installation is a quick & clean process. No one else needs to learn the finer points of putting them together.

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