The Forma Collection 2018

FORMA, meaning form in Italian, was designed as a collaboration between Artone LLC and Aerie Design Services.

The hospitality wall unit takes space limitations within the guestroom to the forefront of design. Slender depths, sleek fixtures, and multifunctional attributes eliminate the need for other freestanding furniture pieces. FORMA is constructed using high-quality materials and is finished with conversion varnish to ensure a long-lasting product.

The focal point of the wall unit is the upholstered headboard. The headboard encapsulates a drop-down desk with swivel top, an adjustable backrest, and reading lights. On either side of the headboard are two floating nightstands with quartz tops – complete with wireless charging stations.

Fused into the design is a finalist in the 2017 Best of BDNY Product Design category; Artone’s Whole Threads Wardrobe (from the 2017 Sano Collection). This unique wardrobe features a forward-facing slide-out, dual-sided cabinet with closet rod and a built-in, fold-down ironing board and iron.

Today’s travelers require hotels to be mindful of health and wellness options. FORMA also integrates Artone’s Whole House Fitness Unit (from the 2017 Sano Collection). A large storage cabinet that houses a travel size weight bench and various other exercise gear.

Flanking either end of the wall unit are two luggage benches. One luggage bench is adorned with an electronic locking drawer to store valuables and personal items.

FORMA’s unique design offers a creative solution for a modern hotel guestroom while appealing to the needs of today’s travelers.

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