Custom Hospitality Furniture Design

For Boutique Hotels, Casinos & Resorts

Artone designs, manufactures, and installs custom hospitality furniture for boutique and theme hotels, casinos, and resorts across the U.S.

To be an attractive destination for travelers now and in the future, hotels must meet modern traveler expectations through hospitality technologies & trends:

  1. Built-in health and wellness functionality
  2. Smart room technologies
  3. Accessibility & connectivity
  4. Modular design
  5. Multi-functional appliances and spaces

Each of these considerations must be accounted for in the design stage of your hotel project. That means room layouts, hardware, hotel furniture, everything needs to accommodate customization in their sizing and specifications.

Also taken into account is character of your hotel and the expectations of your target market.

Make your custom hospitality furniture design a success. Schedule a free consultation today!

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